Financial Consulting

At Matthew P. Conrad, CPA, LLC we are not just your CPA firm, but we act as your experienced trusted advisor as well. We are able to advise our clients on the many, sometimes unique, situations they find themselves in, whether it be in their business or personal lives. Business owners will inevitably need business valuations, while self-employed individuals might need help with implementing and using an accounting system. We can assist you when needs like these arise so you can confidently make the right decision that will be instrumental to your success.

Due Diligence

When acquiring a business, before making any major decisions one must first become an expert by conducting a detailed investigation. We can handle this burden ensuring the business(es) you are considering buying has healthy cash flow, is profitable, does not have any hidden liabilities, and has a solid market for you to succeed. Of course, these are only a few items reviewed, but we understand the process, and we do it well!

Mergers & Acquisitions

Merging with or acquiring a business can be a long and confusing process. Matthew P. Conrad, CPA, LLC stands by your side and assists you along the way. We can help you with planning & structuring a deal, provide purchase advice, provide negotiations and price dispute advice, and much, much, more. Once the deal is closed, we will help you with all the closing paperwork related to finances and ensure all required tax returns are completed accurately, timely and in compliance.